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Colección: Christmas Wreaths

Size: 24 inches.

Material: Artificial,environmental protection and degradable plastic, steel wire, etc.

Product does not include hooks, batteries,you need buy 3 section 5 batteries by your own.

A festive wreath decoration can add color to your house, bring a strong festive atmosphere, and a delightful guest experience from the front door, Green symbolizes the vitality of life,when it combines with the hot red,we can feel infinite vitality.

1.Easily installed in gates, windows, stairs and other places.
2.Non-toxic,harmless,and can be reused, convenient collection with a small footprint.
3.Colorful, including green, red, gold, etc., which enhances the festive atmosphere and makes people feel happy.
4.As a gift, whether it is Christmas or housewarming can be gived as a gift.

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